"N9NE to SE7EN" marks my return to my roots as a hip-hop DJ that loves to move the crowd. Created with the same musical landscape as my "KTL" mix six years ago, "N9NE to SE7EN" visits music from many genres but remains a hip-hop mix to its core. The inspiration for this mix came from my wife and my recent radio guests spots in 2015. The concept was to create a time-lapse mix of a night out of good music and friends. Starting at the pre-game stage of getting ready at 9pm to finally making it home at 7am with the sun finally coming out, this mix covers hours of music in 90 minutes. With hip-hop classics, innovative remixes and a touch of soul & house, this mix is perfect for any occasion for body-movin'. Over 50 tracks, mixed live in one take - like always. To commemorate our growth of the GENERATIONS party and celebrate all the great DJs that have come thru to spin with me, I recorded this mix live in one take with the spirit of enthusiasm of the party. Running close to an hour (similar to our GENERATIONS sets), the music is soulful and upbeat with a strong dose of sampled classics to connect the listener with current music to music of the past. I dedicate this mix to one of my best friends - Jonathan Garnett and my nephew Cruz. Why pay for TIDAL & JAY’Z’s “B-Sides” when you can enjoy this mix of his best B-Sides from Jigga’s best day? Download it before the Illuminati takes it down. Enjoy! *Mixed in one take – 5/9/15
"If you know me, you know I’m a Paradise Garage head, and if you really know New York City, you’ll know that the Paradise Garage was the GOAT New York night club. "Francis Chiser asked me if I’d be down to curate a Garage tape that would capture the magic of the club’s ’85 – ’87 heyday. Jumping in, I wanted to make sure we featured music that I personally heard Larry play as he slayed. Francis and I vetted through hundreds of songs that got touched by Larry. This is a time capsule reflecting a very special time in my life & in NYC underground culture." - Combat Jack A concept mix inspired by Denise Huxtable, the Cosby daughter everyone had a crush on.  Her spirit encapsulated an alternative but attractive take on style. Her attitude commanded the world follow her, not the other way around.  So imagine a mix that she'd dance to with no care if you liked it or not.  Her taste was not mainstream but soulful, enlightening and "Dream A Little Dream" is my ode to Denise.         “House of Alma’s Lovers” is a soulful, house-influenced escape to music that crosses genres but maintains a sense of timelessness and joy. If the Paradise Garage was around in 2013, this is the mix I would love to play in Larry Levan’s honor.

"This is an indie dance mix about boy meets girl...You should know upfront, it's not all love songs." Featuring music by Feist, Kimbra, LCD Soundsystem, Atrak, & M83.  

  Easy Mo Bee was instrumental in some of the most ground-breaking productions of hip-hop artists in the 90s era. Widely known for his influential musical presence with B.I.G.'s "Ready to Die", Easy Mo Bee brought a futurized funk to a genre that was unheard of. His work with so many greats still demands to be recognized. This mix helps serve that purpose. Dedicated to and inspired by my good friend, Matthew Africa (RIP)   Exclusive mix created for Earmilk.com's "Elevator Pitch" series. Just a taste of my style & sound. Filled with odes to my fav artists, great remixes, and some not-so-obvious storytelling. Only for true music lovers and dancers of positive sounds.   An hour-long mix of soul-influenced, indie-minded covers on familiar songs, 1000 Count inspires the listener to disCOVER new artists and music. Keep an open-minded ear and challenge yourself to discover a taste for something unconventional.   "Muse Music" is a mix to saluting the women of style who make our lives inspirational. Its a soundtrack for you to appreciate the women who inspire you and motivate your style to break from the norm. Enjoy!   What started as way for few brothers and friends to keep up to date on hip-hop and other topics we deemed cool, KTL turned into a lifestyle epicenter for thousands of people everyday. But over the years, its core has remained the same – a conversation between friends and family. As a thank you to everyone who has stopped by I made a mix to celebrate our 3rd birthday. Like KTL, I kept the theme – positive, upbeat, and influential.  

  The ReIntro Part 2 ends my two-part mix for my fellow lovers of hip-hop who are hesitant to give the new generation of MCs, DJs, and producers an open ear (much less heart).Like many of us who grew up on this culture, we’ve been scorned. My effort here is to let my circle of influencers, my 5%ers, know that the music we love is well and strong. While Part 1 focused on earning your respect and was a subtle, approachable blend; Part 2 pushes the listener to engage in the lyrics and beats like we did when we walked the streets with headphones or in our rooms with speakers on blast.Partake!